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About us

We are wargame players, just like you. We are driven by desire to create a game where gameplay and rules are parts of the universe and tell the same story as the game’s background. Creating a new system by gamers, for gamers, we’ve carefully analyzed the existing ones and developed rules, drawing on experience of the…
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Our partners

We thank our partners: Zagrava Games Studio and personally artists Anton Filyk (poster with an army of people),  Nikolai Petrov (poster the Sates), Alexei Petrov (Knight's model), Vladimir Zhuk (paratroopers) Kalmykov Ilya (3d Artist/sculptor) Sergey Rusich ( Artist, painting a miniature)    
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Phone: +380676490874 Аdress: 61001,  Gagarina ave. 41/2, Kharkiv, Ukraine E-mail: Ask question:
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